Our services

Based on my long-year experience and expertise in ground, air or sea transports together with all legislative procedures, I am able to provide for your pet a secured transport and a personal companion from door to door. I am an active driver with driver´s licence class B, with more than 20 year of experience and a clean driving record with history of zero accident. In case of air shipment, I prefer to fly with your pet, which is placed in a safety pet carrier next to mine.
In my previous jobs, I had an opportunity to use my English skills in writing and speaking on daily basis and there is absolutely no problem for me to demonstrate my advanced fluency in other countries as well.
Each client will always enjoy a very special treatment on an individual basis together with detailed reporting about a status of its pet during the transport. We all pay a special attention to a smooth course of each transport, therefore we require your animal to be in a good health condition together with a record of all necessary vaccination shots, examinations and veterinary procedures.
A failure to comply with this may result in our rejection to provide the transport of your animal.